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Founding Partner – Senior Consultant

Stefanie is a seasoned professional with a 14-year track record in the fields of public affairs, corporate communication, and regulatory affairs at EU and market level, all within the intricacies of a highly challenging industry, i.e., tobacco.
Her career journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to navigating complex landscapes with finesse.

Having worked both in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and at the EU level, Stefanie has a deep understanding of both very complex regulatory environments. Overseeing the implementation of lobby strategies across multiple Member States has also taught her how to craft strategies that harmonize local nuances with broader international goals.
Stefanie has specialized in fostering transparent and productive relationships with key stakeholders such as regulatory bodies, federations and industry peers, advocacy groups and media in a very sensitive policy area.
This allows her to let her clients benefit from her expertise in managing reputation and orchestrating effective communication strategies in complicated regulatory and reputational dossiers.

Stefanie holds a Law Degree from KU Leuven and a post-graduate in Marketing from the VLEKHO business school.

Being a Belgian national, Stefanie’s working languages are Dutch, English and French.