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Turning information into influence
With Actionable Intelligence as a tag line, SoWhatCommunications
supports local and global companies to:
Have their voices heard in view of upcoming policy changes,
protect their reputation in times of crisis and
build societal relevance through compelling communication strategies.

Information is key,

but not enough

In periods of significant transformation on economic, political and societal level, companies are challenged to strategically adapt and react rapidly to changing policy environments and market circumstances.

Information is key, but not enough. At SoWhatCommunications we believe that our real added value starts where the monitoring stops. We help our clients answer the So What questions:

How does this impact you

What can we do about it

How do we turn strategy into action

Our sectors

Over the last 30 years, our team has worked with a wide variety of sectors, from fast moving consumer goods, over food and beverages, telecoms, packaging, technology providers, real estate, public authorities to pharma at International, EU and Belgian level.

Credentials can be provided upon request.